Forberg Scientific, Inc.

Instrument Technology Professionals

Forberg Scientific was established in 1971 as a distributor/manufacturers representative organization with a passion for customer service and innovative problem solving. We’ve grown considerably since our beginnings yet these two traits continue to permeate our company’s culture and our approach to the marketplace. We pride ourselves on partnering with leading edge suppliers that bring the highest quality products to the instrumentation marketplace.

We place great emphasis on partners that meet our high standards for delivery, training, and access to topnotch factory support. We strive to work with manufacturers that value innovation and invest in developing products that are cutting edge in their approach to improving our customer’s operations.


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Continual Training

All Forberg Scientific, Inc. personnel are service-oriented problem solvers and we empower them with the resources, responsibility, and tools to perform at a high level.

We invest in their long-term potential with specialized product and market training conducted by experts within the manufacturing class or market they represent.

Our staff continues to reflect a culture that embodies the traits we feel provide our customers significant value. These traits are hallmarks of Forberg’s operating principles and include: friendliness, responsiveness, flexibility, empathy and technical knowledge.

Innovative Problem Solving

Our service group is the unique difference that separates us from other suppliers. We pride ourselves on this rapidly growing part of our business. Today’s customer relies more on outside resources than ever before and Forberg is a great choice to partner with.

On-site training, inventory management programs, engineering and design services, consignment inventory, panel enclosures, cabinet assemblies, start-up assistance and support, in-plant air quality audits, steam trap surveys, rebuilding services for valves, regulators and filters, diaphragm and capillary filling, instrument and gauge calibration and assembly work are all part of what we do.

So whether you’re after start-up assistance or an inventory management program, Forberg Scientific has the resources and experience to meet your every need.

Electronically Integrated Warehouses

Forberg’s three integrated stocking warehouses are the region’s premier source for rapid response delivery of instrumentation products. We are electronically linked with all our major suppliers providing immediate, real time access to their inventory levels and production planning.

And as a further benefit to our customers, Forberg is electronically connected to a large network of instrumentation distributors across the country providing our customer service team access to a wide array of on-hand product availability. This broad access to product translates to improved uptime and responsive attention to our customer’s needs.