Established in 1965, Yeary Controls started as a manufacturer's representative and distributor of valves and actuators. In 2001, after years of flow control and application experience, they launched the first of the innovative products that the company produces today.  Yeary Controls specializes in the development, integration, and application of innovative valve technologies. The company offers a range of control valves, actuators, and control accessories in sizes from 1/2" up to 48". Specifically, they focus on valve solutions for the energy and process industries.

Featured Products:

Sharktooth Control Valve

This valve is used to convert standard butterfly valves into excellent control valves with control characteristics equal to segmented ball valves or globe valves. Sharktooth Control Cartridges can be adapted to fit any butterfly valve, including rubber seated, high performance, and triple offset types to provide an equal percentage flow characteristic, plus noise and cavitation reductions.

Varying Area Diffuser (VAD)

The Varying Area Diffuser (VAD) technology allows for simpler, more economical on-off valves to be used in many control applications. 
The force generated by the VAD’s spring causes the size of every flow opening in its diffuser cylinder to vary in tandem, to maintain a nearly constant pressure drop across the control valve. And, by instantly responding to upsets in the system, the need for controller re-tunings will be significantly reduced.

SharkFin Control Disk

The SharkFin control disk is a game-changer for the butterfly valve industry. It utilizes "Z-Disc" technology so that when installed in a resilient seated butterfly valve, the "Z-Disc" produces an equal percentage flow characteristic that is equal to that of most control valves, opening up a variety of options for the end user. Rather than using much more expensive segmented ball control valves or globe valves, try out the  more compact, and inexpensive SharkFin to control your flow.

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve (TOV)

This metal seated butterfly valve can handle high temperatures and pressures, whilst allowing zero leakage. This means the valve can be installed in essentially any environment to control on/off flow. Triple offset technology is the core of this ability, the disc seal ring is 316 Stainless Steel with Graphite while the body seat is overlaid in Stellite. This provides excellent wear resistance as well as API 598 bubble tight shutoff.

Multi-Port Diffuser Plate

Multi-Port Diffuser Plates are custom fabricated to meet individual flow, pressure and noise requirements. Depending on the fluid type and pressure drop ratio, the plates may be up to four stages, though most common is one or two stage plates. Yeary Control diffusers are usually made from ASTM 304, or 316 Stainless Steel plate for installation between standard raised face flanges. Other materials of construction are available on request.

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