Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies is a leading manufacturer of vibration sensors/transmitters, cables & connectors, mounting accessories, enclosures and portable power supplies for vibration analysis, machinery monitoring and balance-of-plant applications. Around the world, successful condition monitoring and process automation programs use Wilcoxon's well-made, long lasting sensors and accessories to monitor asset health so valuable machines keep running. 


Our reliable vibration monitoring solutions are the products of choice for customers across many industries and applications to understand the condition of rotating machinery. Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies sensors and innovating products help you analyze vibration to keep critical machines running and plants operational.


Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies products have the industry standard since 1960. We supply high performing sensors for all types of rotating machines. Let us be your one-stop shop for vibration monitoring sensors and a wide range of accessories including cables, mounting devices, meters, junction boxes, and more as part of your machine condition monitoring program. 

Vibration Sensors (IEPE)
High quality, long-lasting accelerometers to monitor vibration commonly found on rotating industrial machinery.

Vibration Sensors (4-20mA)
Accelerometer and vibration transmitters combined in one rugged industrial housing.

Vibration Sensors (HART)
Smart HART vibration sensor capable of solving your vibration monitoring needs using one of the most popular and widely used protocols today. 

Hazardous Area Sensors
Large selection of hazardous area rated sensors for industrial condition monitoring. 

Vibration Switches
Chemically treated polyester coated aluminum housing provides superior protection of all the internal components in an affordable package.

Vibration Transmitters
Cost-effective 24/7 vibration monitoring of your rotating machines as part of your condition monitoring and process automation program.

Vibration Reference Sources
Speed up your sensor commissioning, and keep your sensors in line all the time. Ensure confidence in the entire measurement chain.

Supportive Instrumentation
Get your work done faster and easier with our handheld vibration meters and other portable products.

Wilcoxon is your reliable source for a wide assortment of cables. Take a look at our wide range of cable options including coaxial cables and shielded, twisted pair.

Wilcoxon offers a wide assortment of mounting hardware including magnetic sensor mounting bases, mounting pads, studs, isolator bases, fin mounts, and triaxial mounting cubes.

Rugged industrial enclosures are designed with the end user in mind and are backed by a lifetime warranty. 

Vibration Monitoring
Product Kits

From condition based monitoring kits to high temperature, high voltage, field commissioning, slow speed and basic condition monitoru

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