Temprel, Inc. is a manufacturer and seller of temperature sensors and related equipment. Temprel’s products are used in a variety of industries including Automotive Research and Development, Diesel Engine Testing, Aerospace, Boiler and Furnace Applications, Plastic Injection Molding, Gas Turbine Exhaust, Kiln Temperature Measurement, Dairy Pasteurization, and Laboratory Experiments.

The company was founded in 1968. Temprel relocated to Boyne City, Michigan in 1973 and moved its headquarters to its present location in the late 1980s. The company has a long-tenured staff of well-trained craftspeople that take pride in being a “Made-in-Michigan” producer of high-quality temperature sensors. Temprel offers high quality, fast turnaround, and competitive prices. We specialize in custom applications and can work with you to design and manufacture temperature sensing equipment to meet your custom application.