LowFlow control valves are often used in a laboratory or pilot plant applications. Installations such as these frequently require valve trim changes in order to meet varying flow requirements for a given application. We understand the value in manufacturing a product designed with this flexibility in mind. That is why all LowFlow control valves offer a multitude of Cv’s and flow characteristics in every line size. In addition, every LowFlow control valve comes with our Quick Change trim design. This includes seats that thread into the valve body, as opposed to being machined into it. Plus, our free-floating plug uses a bayonet connection to the stem for simple “pop off, pop on” plug changes. Not only do our control valves require no special tools for trim changes, our bolted body design means you don’t even have to take the valve out of line for trim changes or maintenance.

At LowFlow we’ve broadened the idea of what “typical” means. While some manufacturers fill a niche with their products, we’ve proven our mettle across an incredibly diverse range of industries and applications. LowFlow has successfully operated from cryogenic to temperatures above 1000 degrees F. We control steam, gases, liquids, and even VOC’s with our bellows design. We realize application challenges are not limited to just temperature or utilities. At LowFlow Monel, Hastelloy, Alloy 20, Titanium, Kynar, and Inconel are just a few of the materials we offer to address your material compatibility challenges.

LowFlow Valve - An Industry Leader of Fractional Flow Control Valves and Regulators

LowFlow Valve is an industry leader in precision valve products used to control the flow of liquids, gases, and steam across a diverse range of industrial applications. Our customers depend on LowFlow products for precise and repeatable performance.


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