Jordan Valve is a leading manufacturer of industrial control valves and regulators. We understand many demanding applications require more than a standard industrial product. These applications require a solutions-oriented approach. 

Jordan Valve’s Engineering Department is available to help SOLVE your toughest valve challenges. If you need a unique valve design and need it fast, contact us today!

Jordan Valve

Richards Industries began as the Jordan Valve Company in 1947 with just one small mixing valve. In collaboration with customers to solve their manufacturing challenges, we now provide hundreds of products to customers worldwide in nearly every manufacturing industry.

The cornerstone of Jordan Valve is the advanced sliding gate technology. The unique sliding gate design is recognized throughout the world and provides long and accurate performance for a wide range of process and utility applications.

Industrial Pressure Regulators and Control Valves by Jordan Valve

At Jordan Valve creating value is more than simply the price of a valve. Value is about manufacturing products that are reliable and durable. Value is supplying products that help you avoid costly shutdowns or production delays. 

Value is why we thoroughly test EVERY valve prior to shipment. We’ve adhered to the same simple philosophy for over 60 years. By focusing on Total Cost of Ownership we can provide you, our customers, with world-class products at competitive prices.

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