Parker X-Flow Mass Flow Controller

Parker X-Flow Mass Flow Controller

Streamlined Thermal Mass Flow Controller that controls flow from 0.8 ml/min to 20 l/min with a 1% accuracy & a max pressure of 145 PSIG. Fast, Reliable and Repeatable performance designed for OEM, Laboratory, or Process flow control instrumentation.

Product Overview

The Parker X-Flow is a simplified mass flow controller for your instrument, lab or process needs. X-Flow delivers fast, repeatable and reliable high accuracy flow control through proven Constant Thermal By-Pass Mass Measurement technology coupled with our most popular digital communication protocols. X-Flow is calibrated to your specific conditions and includes the Parker Tracking system that assists with your annual asset calibration needs, delivering a higher level of production efficiency and reliability. 


  • Fast, Repeatable and Reliable Performance
  • Premium Accuracy with Proven Thermal Mass Flow Sensor and Laminar Flow Element
  • Easy to integrate into your new or existing systems
  • Asset calibration management software included
  • Cleaned for Analytical Use
  • Fails shut with Normally Closed Valve for safe operation
  • CE, REACH and RoHS II

Typical Markets:

  • Laboratory and Process Instrumentation 
  • Pharma / Bio-Pharma Equipment 
  • Air Quality Monitoring Systems
  • Furnace and Coatings

Typical Applications:

  • Gas Control for Laboratory and Process Equipment 
  • Burner Ratio Control for Ceramics and Metals
  • Process and Environmental Analyzers
  • Emissions Monitors and Calibrators