Why a Pressure Gauge is Important to Everyday Operations?

//Why a Pressure Gauge is Important to Everyday Operations?

Why a Pressure Gauge is Important to Everyday Operations?

A pressure gauge is a common component in operations from various industries
across the world. But not every
gauge is created equally or made for every
WIKA Instrument Corporation has been on the forefront of innovation
and quality for
pressure gauges and pressure instruments for over 60 years,
making us the
pressure gauge expert for diverse industries and applications.

Gauges with bourdon tubes are the most common pressure measuring devices used
today. They combine a high grade of measuring technology, simple operation,
ruggedness and flexibility with the advantages of industrial and cost-effective
production. Needing no external power supply,
bourdon tube gauges are the best
choice for most applications.

Pressure gauges are crucial components of most processing systems. In these
environments, a
pressure gauge needs to be reliable, accurate and easy to read
to help prevent failure in everyday operations. Therefore, how a
gauge is
constructed and tested is extremely important for reliability, safety and
peace-of-mind. After all, failures can cost time, money and productivity loss.

Applications for gauges with a bourdon tube range from highly automated chemical
processes, such as, refineries and petrochemical
processing, to hydraulic
and pneumatic installations. These types of
gauges can also be found at all
critical process monitoring and safety points in today’s energy industries, from
exploration wells and petrochemical plants, to power stations and wastewater

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