Ways to Prevent Pressure Gauge Failure

//Ways to Prevent Pressure Gauge Failure

Ways to Prevent Pressure Gauge Failure

Author: Wika

There are many products and services that can prevent pressure gauges from failing. Gauge audits and Best Practice Instrument Reviews are the best first line of defense. These reviews and audits will tell you which instruments are properly functioning and which ones should be replaced. There is a review of the gauges currently installed, gauges installed demonstrating unwanted conditions and of gauges installed demonstrating best practice. This review is provided by the team at the end of the review. Gauge audits and instrument reviews can be conducted to show and prevent mishandling and improper use of gauges.

A second line of defense could be to add a product or accessory to the configuration to alleviate the pressure or temperature. There are many products and services that can prevent pressure gauges from failing:

  • Mechanical vibration can be avoided by choosing the correct pressure gauge for the application. Depending on the application a liquid filled gauge might be needed over a dry gauge.
  • Pressure gauge snubbers avoid pulsation by absorbing pressure shocks and average out pressure fluctuations.
  • Cooling elements prevent temperature spikes by protecting the pressure instrument from high or low process temperature. Air flow across heat exchanging fins reduces or increases the temperature of the system fill fluid to protect the pressure measuring instrument.
  • Overpressure protectors are designed to avert spikes and overpressure damage. These protectors provide protection for pressure gauges against the effect of pressures exceeding their maximum pressure rating.
  • Mini-siphons can stop corrosion by eliminating gauge whip and vibration as well as, protects the pressure gauge from harmful steam, hot vapors and liquids, and contains a unique inner chamber that reduces pressure surges and “water hammer”.
  • Diaphragm seals protect the gauge from slurry or viscous service and prevent corrosive and noxious process materials from reaching the gauge.

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