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United Electric Controls Pressure & Temperature Plant Safety Solutions

UE-One Series-LogoWhether it’s protecting valuable equipment, processes or your loyal employees, creating a safe work environment is a corporate responsibility. Installing safety instrumentation not only protects critical equipment and processes; it also creates a safe work environment for your employees and a healthier environment for us all.

UE’s One Series digital pressure and temperature switch comes with completUE-ONE-Series-Factorye Failure Modes, Effects and Diagnostics Analysis (FMEDA) data from Exida, enabling plant safety personnel to reliably calculate Safety Integrity Levels (SIL). The rugged UE One Series is installed in the field, at the point of critical monitoring, with response times 5X faster than a transmitter, providing immediate, local shutdown, while streamlining wiring and software. For your plant safety requirements, simplify and improve reliability with the UE One Series for all critical pressure and temperature shutdown applications.

Direct-Acting Safety Shutdown

The rugged and reliable UE One Series pressure switch and UE One Series temperature switch protects equipment, processes and personnel. It is installed where needed, in the field, with direct-acting on/off digital switching. With 0.1% repeatability combinded with solid-state reliability and on-board diagnostics, the UE One Series is the clear choice for critical plant safety applications.

Faster Response Time Than A Transmitter

Plant safety requires immediate response to dangerous conditions. The UE One Series response time is 60 mS, five-times faster than a process transmitter. And, with direct switching capability at the point of critical conditions, it provides an alternative technology to the overreliance on transmitters and central control systems, eliminating the possibility of “Common Mode Failure.”

UE One Series Switch:
Electronic Pressure, Differentail Pressure & Temperature SwitchesUE-ONE-Series-Switches

  • Fully adjustable set point & deadband
  • 5X faster than a transmitter & 50% less installed cost
  • Digital display includes process, status and self-diagnostics
  • 2-wire and loop-powered 4-20 mA models available
  • Measures gage pressure, differential pressure or temperature
  • 0.1% repeatability with temperature compensation
  • Provides the functions of a switch, gauge and transmitter
  • Ranges to 6000 psi (410 bar), 200 psid (13.8 bar), 1000˚F (538˚C)

On-Board Diagnostics

The UE One Series continually checks health status for circuit and sensor integrity, providing extra assurance that it stands ready to perform when needed. In addition, it provides a “pulsed” output that can be activated to help distinguish a critical alarm or shutdown signal above the frequent control room “noise” of false trip signals that may be ignored or disabled at operator discretion.

Suitable For SIL2 Applications

Request the “EXIDA” Failure Modes, Effects, Diagnostics Analysis (FMEDA) report from UE covering the One Series, enabling you to calculate the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) for your applications. Also request the SIL Verification Summary report to compare the UE One Series with generic switches and transmitters. Go to www.ueonline.com for copies of these 3rd party reports.

The Role of Self-Diagnostics in SIS Applications

 UE One SeriesAll UE One Series electronic switches include powerful self-diagnostics. Critial functions of the UE One Series are checked during initialization, and then continuously monitored by the IAW® algorithm. Detected faults are reported using three methods of annunciation:

  1. The local digital display provides clear fault indications at a glance
  2. Each fail-safe switch will open, providing a remote fault indication
  3. On models that include 4-20 mA output, the analog signal will indicate 0, 3.5, 22 or 24 mA, depending on the type of fault.

IAW Programming Mode & Resulting Switch StatesIAW-SWITCH-STATES

  • The fail-safe-open IAW® programming mode provides a predictable annunciation that differentiates between an upset process variable and a detected fault using a single discrete “switch” output.
  • When process and instrument conditions are normal, the UE One Series switch is pulsed, sending out a continuous heartbeat signal that is easily detected by the safety PLC.
  • When the process variable reaches the programmed set point, the UE One Series switch will close, indicating that the process is upset but the UE One Series remains functioning (no faults detected).
  • If the switch opens, this condition indicates a fault detected by the IAW® self-diagnostics. The reporting scheme also accounts for wiring integrity. If a wire is broken or power is lost, this type of “fault” would also appear as an open switch to the safety PLC.

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