TOPWORX™ 4310 Wireless Position Monitor

//TOPWORX™ 4310 Wireless Position Monitor

TOPWORX™ 4310 Wireless Position Monitor

TopWorx 4310 Wireless Position Monitor

TopWorx 4310 Wireless Position Monitor

No Wires, No Problem
Every plant has blind spots and hard-to-reach equipment. The TopWorx™ 4310 wireless position monitor sends a wireless feedback signal through the Smart Wireless network to indicate discrete valve position, device temperature, and power module status. This unobtrusive position monitor won’t disturb your existing process wiring; no wires means the Smart Wireless network can be superimposed over any wiring infrastructure adding the ability to analyze rotary and linear valves and actuators; displacement, float level sensors; and regulators.

Minimize Process Upsets & Protect the Process
The 4310 wireless position monitor is ideal for applications for monitoring valve position feedback to isolate problem valves. You can minimize process upsets and keep your plant performing. This intrinsically safe device is suitable for use in all zone locations.

Eliminate Costly Mistakes
Errors can result in lost production and reprocessing costs. When you integrate valve alignment into the control logic, you can create automated process checks, in turn eliminating costly mistakes as well as compare value set points and process conditions to valve position feedback to isolate problem valves.

Wireless On/Off Control

Wireless Improves Plant Efficiency
Less time moving valves means more time to attend to scheduled tasks. Faster valve alignment means more time meeting your needs. Wireless allows you to automate process startup, shut down, and switch over procedures reducing Lost Batches, and increasing Capacity Automation. Automating the manually operated components of your process can eliminate troublesome sources of variability.

Wireless Improves Personnel Safety
Automating your plant can mean reducing your workers’ exposure to hazardous environments and inclement weather. More efficient processes allow for more time to focus on reduction of costly mistakes.

Wireless Reduces Unwanted Emissions
Fill or transfer valves can be sources of excessive level, temperature, and pressure leading to unplanned downtime. Minimize the chances of a manual valve being the root cause of hazardous emissions by converting to wireless.

TopWorx 4310 Valve Automation Package

Monitoring and Controlling Discrete Valves
Have manual valves in the wrong position led to a bad batch, harmful environmental release, or unsafe incident?

How about discrete valves automated with a solenoid with no position feedback?

What if you could reliably control the valves and have accurate position feedback without the implementation of barriers and costs of wired automation?

What if you could have a single reliable solution provider for the Valve, Actuator, Mounting Accessories, and Wireless controller?

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