Pressure Transmitters Applications for Wind Turbines

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Pressure Transmitters Applications for Wind Turbines

Pressure Transducer Usage Wind Turbines for Alternative Energy Generation in Energy and Power Generation

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Wind Turbines

As today’s society looks for forms of alternative energy and ways to distance ourselves from fossil fuels, wind power has emerged as a major player in the alternative energy market. Wind turbines function by converting the kinetic energy of wind into mechanical energy to rotate the wind turbine rotor. The rotor connects to an alternator or electrical motor which converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy for storage and consumption.

Maximizing wind turbine efficiency requires turbine placement where steady winds are present and wind turbine alignment with the wind. Alignment with the wind requires use of a wind vane and yaw controller, frequently hydraulically powered and monitored through use of a pressure transducer. As wind speeds approach the survival speed, the speed at which the wind turbine with begin to fail both mechanically and structurally, the blade angle of attack or pitch must be increased in order to stall the blade and prevent the turbine from spinning out of control. Hydraulic control systems use pressure transducers for wind turbine pitch control. The following diagram indicates the basic components of wind turbines.

Pressure Transducer Application to Wind Turbines in Alternative Energy Generation Applications

Pressure Transducers are used for Wind Turbines in Energy and Power Generation in the following Alternative Energy Generation Applications.

  • Yaw Hydraulic Cylinder Pressure Measurement and Control
  • Pitch Hydraulic Cylinder Pressure Measurement and Control

Alternative Energy Generation Wind Turbines in Energy and Power Generation applications call for pressure transducer material compatibility with standard hydraulic fluids and with 24-hour-a-day, reliable operation. Pressure transducers are responsible for indicating pressures within the hydraulic cylinders in charge of yaw and pitch control. The WIKA S-10 and WIKA A-10 electronic pressure transducers have been designed for reliable performance in Energy and Power Generation Alternative Energy Generation applications like Wind Turbines.

Pressure Transmitter Selection Considerations

  • High reliability
  • Temperature compensation
  • Vibration resistance
  • Compatibility with hydraulic fluid

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