Omniguard Model 660 Ultraviolet Flame Detector

//Omniguard Model 660 Ultraviolet Flame Detector

Omniguard Model 660 Ultraviolet Flame Detector

The Omniguard® model 660 UV flame detector is


designed to detect unwanted fires, and output


appropriate alarm information. The model 660


senses ultraviolet radiation in the appropriate


wavelength for extremely fast fire detection.


The model 660 will sense both hydrocarbon and


non-hydrocarbon fires, a technology which has


proven itself over decades of reliable service.


The model 660 is available in two versions,


one for standard industrial applications where


a maximum operating temperature of 85°C is


the norm, and a second which is capable of


operating at a maximum sustained temperature of 125°C. This version is especially


well suited for turbine enclosure and high temperature industrial applications. Both


versions are available with an automatic self-test function to monitor the detector’s

ability to sense fires and report a fault condition when impaired

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