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PGI Valves, Fittings, Manifolds, Siphons, Systems, Testing and More

Parker PGI Valves, Fittings, Manifolds, Siphons, Systems, Testing

Parker PGI was established in 1941 and serves the global energy, OEM and agricultural industries by designing, manufacturing, selling high precision machined products and electronic systems.

PGI product applications center on providing small ancillary devices and systems that interface to a pressurized vessel, typically connecting, isolating, sensing or utilizing pressurized fluids. PGI product offerings include proprietary instrumentation valves and measurement systems for the gas processing and industrial markets, proprietary valve and well head components for oilfield applications, and proprietary propane and agricultural chemical valves and safety related equipment.

Parker PGI Creating New Limites Through Innovation

Parker PGI Manual Needle Valves

Parker's Instrument, Multi-Port and Power Valves are designed for maximum reliability, making them an excellent choice for most service conditions.

Parker PGI Wellhead Fittings

Parker manufacturers standard and specialty fittings and wellhead components conforming to NACE, API & ANSI specifications

Parker PGI Manifolds

Parker’s manifold valves provide a more compact, reliable and cost-effective solution than employing externally mounted valves. Additionally, these manifold valves employ fewer connections, resulting in a reduced number of leak points. We also offer custom designed and manufactured manifold systems.

Parker PGI Pulsation Testing Equipment

Parker's SRE6 and GLE6 Indicators are test devices designed to quantify Square Root and Gauge Line Errors in natural gas orifice flow measurement.

Parker PGI Temperature Sensors

Parker specializes in the design and manufacture of thermowells, RTD probes, sample probes & protection tubes

Parker PGI Gauge Siphons

Parker's Gauge Siphons provide a thermal barrier to protect your instruments from harmful vapors with a compact sturdy design that also reduces vibrations.

Parker PGI Sampling Systems

The Interceptor provides a more cost effective sampling method when compared to on-line gas chromatographs and is far more accurate and comprehensive than traditional spot sampling.

Parker PGI Battery Chargers

Parker’s DB1 Differential Pressure Battery Charger is a versatile alternative to solar panel systems that are used to power electronic instruments on gas pipelines.

Parker PGI Applications & Products

  • Instrument Valves
  • Instrument Manifolds
  • Wide-Pattern Manifolds
  • Power Valves & Manifolds
  • Direct-Mount Systems (DMS)
  • Direct-Mount Duo Stablized Connectors
  • Pressure-Core Stem Seal
  • LoneStar Valves & Manifolds
  • Purge Adapters
  • Turn-Saver
  • Gauge Siphons
  • Rod-Out Device
  • Lock-Out/Tag-Out Bonnet Handles
  • ThermoSync Thermowells & Probes
  • Texas Thermowells & Probes
  • Lost & Unaccounted Natural Gas
  • Pulsation Testing
  • Differential Pressure Battery Chargers
  • ThermoElectric Battery Chargers

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