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Otto Arc Welding, Orbital Welding Equipment, Pipe Positioners, Pipe Rollers Manipulators, Pipe Beveling Equipment, Tube Facing / Squaring Equipment, Tube / Pipe Cutting Saws.

Otto Arc Welding and Orbital Welding Equipment

Otto Arc has a wide range of orbital welding equipment, beveling and facing products to choose from, Otto Arc's line of orbital welding products range from pipe welding, tube welding, mechanized welding and robotic welding systems.

Otto Arc Systems, Inc., formerly Otto Tool, has been in business for over 27 yrs. They have provided Beveling and Facing Equipment since the day they opened their doors. Otto Arc's high performance line of Orbital Welding products include Mechanized and Robotic Systems that can also be customized to best fit your project or application needs.

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Otto Arc Welding Weld Head

Closed Weld Heads

Designed to perform orbtial TIG welds on tube and thin wall pipe without the need for wire feeding.

Otto Arc Welding Manipulator


Load column and boom welding manipulators which maximize both safety and production with load capacities up to 176 lbs..

Otto Arc Welding Power Unit

Power Unit

Provides digital control of the weld current and electrode travel speed; producing consistent and repeatable weld results.

Otto Arc Welding Pipe Beveling

Pipe Beveling

Machined from solid blocks, and the mandrel blades are secured into the mandrel, requiring no springs to hold them on.

Otto Arc Welding Pipe Positioners

Pipe Positioners

Welding positioners significantly increase production and make the welder’s job much easier when they can rotate the part during the welding process.

Otto Arc Welding Pipe Rollers

Pipe Rollers

Whether you are turning small diameter pipe or large industrial vessels, Otto Arc's variety of rollers are suited for the task.

Otto Arc Welding Pipe Cutting

Pipe Cutting Saws

Otto Arc's “Quick Cut Saw” is designed for fabrication facilities and for projects that require beveling or squaring for pre-prep welding of pipes and tubes.

Otto Arc Welding Tube Facing and Squaring

Tube Squaring/Facing

Otto Arc Systems, Inc. features a full line of squaring tools ranging from 1/8” to 6.625” OD tube/ pipe.

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