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Nelson Heat Trace Cables, Controls, Monitors and Accessories

Nelson Heat Trace Cables, Controls, Monitors and Accessories.

Nelson Heat Trace offers the industry’s broadest line of heat trace cables, controls, monitors and accessories.

Since pioneering the mineral insulated heating cable in 1952, They have continued to research and develop new heating solutions while refining time tested performers, ensuring that customers never need to “force fit” a product to meet their specialized application needs. From process temperature maintenance to freeze protection, hot water supply, tank and vessel heating, frost heave prevention and more, Nelson Heat Trace offers a right fit solution for any heating requirement.

ID Item Cost
HLT5-J Heat Trace Cable $14.87/FT
HLT25-J Heat Trace Cable $15.62/EA
LT8-J Heat Trace Cable $9.68/EA
TH4X325 Heat Trace Thermostat $481.65/EA
LT8-J Heat Trace Cable $15.45/FT
LT5-J Heat Trace Cable $9.37/FT
LT5-CB Heat Trace Cable $6.92/EA
LT25-JT Heat Trace Cable $8.45/EA
SLT-2 Gutter De-Icing Cable $8.29/FT
PLT-BC-J-3 Power Connection Kit Call for Price

The Industry’s Broadest Line of Heat Trace Cables, Controls, Monitors and Accessories.

Nelson Heat Trace Pipe Tracing

View our selection of pipe tracing cables and controls including solutions for every industrial heating application. Offering power densities required at the voltages used to maintain the heat levels required.

Nelson Heat Trace Heating Cables

High Performance, Industrial-Grade Heating Cable for Freeze Protection and Temperature Maintenance of Pipes, Tanks, Vessels and Snow/Ice Removal for Paved Surfaces. Ordinary and Hazardous Locations, Constant Wattage, Pre-Terminated.

Nelson Heat Trace Mineral Insulated Cable

Mineral insulated cable is a metal sheathed cable that uses a metallic conductor as the heating element. The conductor is electrically insulated from the metal sheath with magnesium oxide (MgO).

Nelson Heat Trace Vessel Heating Panels

Tank and vessel heating panels are easy to install and provide precise control over heat distribution including tank and foundation heating solutions to prevent ice formation and frost heave beneath tanks.

Nelson Heat Trace Thermostats

For automatic control of heating cables and panels. Models are available for ordinary, corrosive and hazardous locations in a variety of voltages and temperature ranges to suit any requirement.

Nelson Heat Trace Monitoring Systems

Monitoring Systems

Cable and voltage monitors ensure heating cable systems are operational, providing circuit status information and alarms for circuits that are unpowered or failing. Programmed values are compared with actual data from sensor cards monitoring the circuits.

Nelson Heat Trace Circuit Management

Circuit Management

Microprocessor based circuit management systems provide both temperature control and monitoring of heat tracing circuits that help prevent equipment damage and operational disruption.

Nelson Heat Trace Power Distribution

Power Distribution

Available in single and three-phase models with a range of voltage options, a choice of main circuit breakers from 100 to 225 Amps, and a choice of standard 12, 30 and 42 pole versions.

Nelson Heat Trace Terminal Enclosures

Terminal Enclosures

Available in single- and three-phase models with a range of voltage options, a choice of main circuit breakers from 100 to 225 Amps, and a choice of standard 12, 30 and 42 pole versions.

Nelson Heat Trace Connection Kits

require kits for connecting to the power supply, configuring multiple cables and sealing electrical components from the surrounding environment.

Nelson Heat Trace Accessories

General Accessories for use with Type LT, HLT, CLT Self-Regulating and NC Constant Wattage Field-Fabricated Heater Cables.

Nelson Heat Trace Applications

  • Industrial Pipe Tracing
  • Viscosity Maintenance
  • Roof and Gutter De-icing
  • Frost Heave Prevention
  • Vessel and Tank Heating
  • Hot Water Temp. Maintenance

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