Instrumentation for Hazardous Environments – Wika Pressure Transmitters

//Instrumentation for Hazardous Environments – Wika Pressure Transmitters

Instrumentation for Hazardous Environments – Wika Pressure Transmitters

Wika pressure gauges, especially bourdon tube gauges, can be found worldwide in the field of oil and gas production and regeneration offshore as well as onshore.

These Wika measuring instruments are manufactured in close co-operation with members of ISO 15156 and NACE committee in accordance with respective latest revision. The bourdon tube and diaphragm pressure gauges have been put to the test in different independent institutions where they were subjected to laboratory tests at different acid gas concentrations related to temperature and time.

Wika’s IS-2X intrinsically safe pressure transmitters have ATEX/FM/CSA approvals in one device. They are available in a high temperature version as well as a field case version and are SIL 2 rated.

Pressure switches with bourdon tube measuring systems have a long service life. They are cheap and robust at the same time due to the prevalence of bourdon tubes. The BAX bourdon tube pressure switch has Ex-class protection EEx-d. The housing is IP65 epoxy coated die-cast aluminium and the instrument is available in ranges from 0-40 and 0-600 bar.

The IS-21-S and IS-21-F transmitters feature a flush diaphragm process connection. They are specifically designed for the measurement of viscous fluids or media containing solids that may clog a NPT process connection.

Wika’s Model IS-20-F and IS-21-F feature an integral stainless steel junction box with internal terminal block for use in extremely harsh environments. A 1/2″ NPT female conduit connection is standard on all models and a cable compression electrical con-nection is available as an option.

All types require a 10 to 30 volt supply provided by an intrinsically safe power supply or through an approved intrinsically safe zener diode barrier.

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