GPI Insertion Paddle Wheel Flowmeter

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GPI Insertion Paddle Wheel Flowmeter

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GPI Introduces New Insertion Paddle Wheel Flowmeter

This cost effective flowmeter is simple to install and handles a wide range of low viscosity liquids. Applications include irrigation, HVAC (Hot and Chilled water), water distribution, municipal and industrial water, and waste water. The stainless steel and PVDF construction makes it ideal for batching and blending many industrial chemicals. The Insertion Meter has a high pressure submersible design and electrical interference immunity. Pipe sizes are 1.5 inches to 36 inches (40-900 mm). European CE compliant.

How it works:
DP Insertion Impeller MetersFlow passes through a pipe causing the durable PDVF rotor to spin. Magnets installed in the 316 stainless steel rotor pass by pulse sensors within the transducer body and in turn this produces frequency outputs proportional to flow rate.

A non magnetic rotor is available for liquids containing ferrous suspensions (metal fragments). Major obstructions such as pumps, valves, reducers, or strainers should be kept well outside the straight run pipe section (10 feet is recommended). An optional bi-directional discriminator output is available, as well as an intrinsically safe Reed switch for hazardous area operation.

Other features:

  • Compatible with various GPI Electronics
  • Dual independent pulse outputs
  • PVDF bearing
  • A precision ground stainless rotor shaft
  • Dual independent pulse outputs
  • Direct input to PLC and Computer
  • Integral or remote high speed preset batch controller

If you would like more information about this GPI Insertion Paddle Wheel Flowmeter or other GPI Products please contact Forberg Scientific customer service.
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