GPI Flow Meter LCD Display Explained

//GPI Flow Meter LCD Display Explained

GPI Flow Meter LCD Display Explained

Posted in: Industrial Flow Meter Articles: Liquid Flow Meters by GPI on 7/8/2010

If you are familiar with our GPI flow meter brand you probably know or have experience with our electronic digital flow meter display. We believe that our flow meter display is one of the better ones out on the market today. In this post we will explore what we call the “new” GPI 9 LCD electronic display that is being shipped with our TM Series Water Meters, G2 Series Industrial Grade Flow Meters and our A1 Series Flow Meters.  We hope that by the end of this post you will be familiar with some of the basics of this flow meter display and have a better understanding on how it works with our flow meters.

What does the “new” GPI 9 flowmeter display do?
Allows you to measure batch & cumulative flow totals
The GPI 9 flowmeter electronic display gives you two totals, one for batching a set amount of liquid that you can reset and the other is a cumulative total that can’t be reset. An easy way to understand these two totals is if you think of the batch total as your trip meter in your car. The trip meter allows you to see how many miles you have traveled with the ability to reset it whenever you see fit. That is the same thing the batch total option on this flowmeter display does, it allows you to measure an amount of liquid with the ability to reset it at anytime. The way to remember how the cumulative total works is if you think of your car’s odometer. The odometer measures how many miles the car has traveled but you can’t reset it. The cumulative total option on this display measures the same way as the odometer, total gallons or litres that the meter has measured in its lifetime use.

Measures Flow Rate 
The GPI 9 flow meter display allows you to measure the flow rate of liquid being measured. The flow rate is typically measured in gallons or litres per minute (GPM or LPM). This new display allows you to measure in units per minute, units per hour and units per day. If you need to measure how much water your applications has running through it per hour all you have to do is hit a couple of buttons and the display will change from measuring gallons per minute to gallons per hour. The flow rate is like your speedometer in your car, it tells you the speed that your liquid is traveling through your line or application. This feature is good if you are monitoring how fast or slow your liquid passes through your pipes.

Non-Volatile Totals = No Data Loss
If you have ever used one of these displays in the past you would have noticed that when you replaced your batteries the totals zeroed out. In this new configuration of the GPI 9 display, when you change your batteries your totals will still be available once the meter is powered back on. This is also a great feature if you install your flow meter in a remote area that you only check on every now and then. If the meter display happens to lose battery power by the time you get a chance to check it, you can rest assured that once you put new batteries on the display your totals will still be available for you to see.

5 Year Battery Life = Display Doesn’t Turn Off
If you have purchased one of these new displays you might have noticed that the display never shuts off. The main reason that this happens is because of the Lithium battery life of five-years. We used to send flow meters that had this display with a battery tab installed that needed to be pulled in order for the display to turn on. This display has a five year battery life regardless of whether it is on or off. The power that this display draws is very small therefore it affords for a long lasting battery life.

Easy-To-Use Correction Factor Method
The new display allows you to calibrate your meter by inputting the plus/minus correction factor. You may want to custom calibrate the meter after testing using your actual fluid conditions. You can field calibrate the meter by using the buttons to enter the percent of change you want the display to correct. Values from -99.99% to +99.99% can be entered.

Various Factory Calibration Units Available
This flow meter display’s standard factory calibration is in gallons and litres. However, the display can be configured to read in imperial gallons, quarts, ounces, cubic feet, cubic centimeters, cubic meters or barrels.

Ability to Count Past 999,999
In past versions of this display you were only able to read flow rates up to 999,999 because of the six-digit allowance on the display. This new flow meter display will illuminate a X10 on the top right once you have gone past 999,999. This gives you the ability to know that you are at 1,000,000 and above. If you go past 999,999 X10 then the meter will go back to 100,000 and a X100 will be illuminated on the top right corner instead of X10.

What are the differences between this flow meter display and the previous version?

  • Gallons read GL instead of GAL.
  • Litres read LT instead of LTR.
  • Flow Rate displays as FLOWRATE/M instead of FLOWRATE. The M at the end of FLOWRATE means gallons or litres per minute depending on how you have the display set to reading. This can also be switched to read FLOWRATE/H to measure per hour or FLOWRATE/D to measure per day, with the exception of the TM series meters.
  • Top right side of the meter reads FAC instead of PRESET. If these three letters are showing it means that the display is being used under the factory calibration. If you custom calibrate it for your specific liquid the FAC will not show. This will help you know in what calibration mode you are under.
  • TOTAL 1 doesn’t say locked but know that this is the cumulative total and you can’t zero it out.
  • TOTAL 2 says BATCH next to it indicating that this is the total you should be on if you want to run batches at a time.
  • The numbers are wider therefore making it easier to read.
  • The display will not shut-off
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