Eliminate Frustrations When Selecting Process Gauges

//Eliminate Frustrations When Selecting Process Gauges

Eliminate Frustrations When Selecting Process Gauges

From: Wika Application Notes

Pressure gauges often leave maintenance professionals asking a number of questions:

  • Will the pressure gauge be durable enough to withstand my extreme operating environments? 
  • Do I liquid fill the pressure gauge or should I leave it dry? 
  • How long will the pressure gauge last? 
  • Can I be assured that the pressure gauge will give me accurate readings over its lifetime? 
  • What happens when I accidentally misapply the pressure gauge?  
  • Do I have the correct pressure gauge for my application?
  • The XSEL™ process gauge from WIKA Instrument Corporation is designed as the answer to all these types of questions and more.

    Maintenance professionals, responsible for keeping their plants running in good order, face these questions on a regular basis. Answering these questions can be challenging, especially when they do not have the extra time and resources needed to research the right solution for every application. However, making the wrong decision about a pressure gauge can cause unnecessary additional downtime.

    Choosing the right pressure gauge doesn’t have to be a difficult choice, though. The XSELprocess gauge from WIKA helps take the guess work out of the decision-making process and is the most versatile pressure gauge in the industry today. The XSEL™ state-of-the-art pressure system design is designed to provide maximum performance and longevity in situations when no liquid-filled case fill is used. The XSELgauge was designed specifically to bring the performance of a dry pressure gauge to as close as possible to that of a liquid-filled gauge for the most severe and demanding applications. For ease of installation, all XSEL™ process gauges feature:

  • Four sided wrench flats on the stem 
  • A case design that allows for the dial to be rotated every 90 degrees for four different mounting positions 
  • Easy access to the movement for field calibration 
  • A standard field-fillable case
  • All XSEL™ process gauges provide a long service life that helps reduce maintenance downtime. Studies have shown that the WIKA XSEL™ process gauge is capable of producing 10 million or more pressure cycles with no negative effects on the accuracy. In addition, WIKA is offering an industry’s best warranty on all XSEL™ process gauges with a standard 5/10 year warranty. (See Terms & Conditions)

    With manufacturing and customer service in the United States, XSEL™ process gauges are readily available in standard ranges and can also be customized to meet your specific requirements.

    Whether it is reducing maintenance downtime, ease of installation or outstanding service performance, the XSEL™ process gauge series from WIKA helps eliminate the frustration and worry that most maintenance professionals experience in selecting the right pressure gauge. Simply ask for the XSEL™ process gauge from WIKA for peace of mind and to know that you have made the right choice for your processing needs.

    XSEL series™ includes models 21X.34, 22X.34, 23X.34 and 26X.34

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