Diaphragm Seal or Chemical Seal Application

//Diaphragm Seal or Chemical Seal Application

Diaphragm Seal or Chemical Seal Application

Diaphragm seals, also referred to as chemical seals, are used to isolate pressure gauges, switches, and transmitters from clogging and/or corrosive media. Standard diaphragm seal bodies and diaphragms are made of stainless steel; however, a variety of materials from carbon steel to Hastelloy® C-276 are available to meet the demands of most applications. WIKA diaphragm seals can operate in pressure applications from 10″ H2O to 20,000 psi and media temperature between -130°F and 752°F.


  • The media is corrosive and may damage a sensitive element such as a Bourdon tube gauge, pressure switch or transmitter diaphragm.

  • The temperature of the media may be too high for a standard gauge, switch or transmitter to operate properly.
  • The media is highly viscous or tends to crystallize, or polymerize and may clog the pressure port of a gauge, switch or transmitter.
  • The media is non-homogenous or contains suspended matter such as wood pulp which may clog the pressure port of a gauge, switch or transmitter.
  • Remote reading is required. A diaphragm seal with a capillary line will allow remote installation of a pressure instrument.
  • The sanitary cleanliness level is critical. A flush mounted or INLINE SEAL™ sanitary type diaphragm seal avoids dead space and cavities.
  • The media is toxic or hazardous and may pollute the environment. A suitably designed diaphragm seal will provide additional protection.
  • The application requires high overpressure protection. A diaphragm seal with a contoured diaphragm bed can be configured to provide overpressure protection and protection to the instrument.

WIKA diaphragm seal systems are an excellent value and offer savings by:

  • Meeting fugitive emission requirements
  • Extending the service life of the pressure instrument
  • Reducing the cost of installation
  • Reducing or eliminating maintenance costs

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