Crossover ASCO Red-Hat to Burkert Valves

//Crossover ASCO Red-Hat to Burkert Valves

Crossover ASCO Red-Hat to Burkert Valves

Burkert Advantages/Benefits

  • High quality valves at competitive prices
  • A wide variety of valves available to choose from in order to fulfill your application requirements.
  • Burkert offers standards that would cost you extra elsewhere
  • First rate customer Service
  • Better delivery on custom items
  • UL, UR, CSA, FM, CGA,CE, ATEX approvals and more

ASCO® Red–Hat® to Burkert Crossover Guide

Please read this page thoroughly before continuing.
The following crossover list is a recommendation of Burkert valves that are similar to the operation and specifications of the ASCO® valves. In many cases the Burkert valve may exceed ASCO’s® specifications and in some cases it may not. Below are several rules to follow when specifying a Burkert valve to replace an existing ASCO® valve.

1. Always ask the customer why he/she wants to replace the ASCO® valve. If the valve is failing prematurely, then it may not be the correct valve for the application. In this case, get as much application data as possible and contact your Burkert Sales Representative at Forberg Scientific for the best possible solution.


2. The ASCO® valves part number does not specify the voltage requirement. Always get the required voltage as well as the complete part number, including any prefix and suffix codes. These codes will tell you if there are any special features added to the ASCO® valve, such as, manual overrides, FKM seals or Explosion proof coils. Code explanations can be found on page 3 of the attached document.


3. Always review the data sheets of the ASCO® valve and Burkert valve and familiarize yourself with any differences between the two valves that may effect the customers application. For your convenience, a comparison sheet has been provided on the last page so that you can easily compare the specifications of the two valves. ASCO® data sheets can be found on their website at . Burkert data sheets are available at our website or in our Product & Systems Reference Guide 6.0, available on CD only.


How to use this crossover guide once downloaded:

1. Simply refer to the page that corresponds to the valve series you are trying to crossover.

2. Locate the ASCO® part number in the far left column.

3. Follow the row to the right and you will first see the valve series that Burkert recommends in the second column. The ID numbers for the recommended Burkert valves for standard air and liquid applications are located in the third (24VDC) and fourth (120VAC) columns. Some valve series are available for steam and some are available with FM Class 1 Division 1 approvals. These ID numbers are located in the columns to the right of the standard valves.



Burkert Crossover Guide
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The majority of the Burkert valves listed are UL Listed with H-class coils. Those that are not are tagged with an asterisk and a note at the bottom of the page. Asterisks and notes have also been given to valves that have extreme differences in specifications to that of the ASCO® valve. If the series that you are trying to replace is not listed, please contact Burkert sales or Forberg Scientific customer service. We may be able to find a solution for the customer with the proper application data. Special options, such as manual override, flying leads and special approvals may also be available by calling Forberg Scientific.




If you would like to receive more information about Burkert Valves or other Burkert Products please contact Forberg Scientific customer service.
Toll Free: 855-288-5330


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