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Commercial Roof and Gutter De-Icing Nelson Heat Trace

For commercial grade protection against ice dam formation on roofs, gutters and downspouts, look to our selection of cut-to-length, and pre-terminated heating cables. Nelson Heat Trace offer a wide range of choices in terms of voltage, power and construction, including mineral insulated cables that provide exceptional protection of the heating element. Solutions are available for corrosive and hazardous locations, along

Forberg Scientific, Inc. named Endress+Hauser Authorized Service provider for Michigan & Northern Ohio

Forberg Scientific, as the ASP, has been factory-trained and certified to provide key support for all your instrumentation service needs including: • Field Service • Instrument Start-Up and Commissioning • On-site Calibration (ISO 17025 Accredited) • Training Service offerings cover instruments including: • Flowmeters • Temperature • Pressure • Level • Analytical Since 1971, Forberg Scientific has built a reputation

Diaphragm Seal or Chemical Seal Application

Diaphragm seals, also referred to as chemical seals, are used to isolate pressure gauges, switches, and transmitters from clogging and/or corrosive media. Standard diaphragm seal bodies and diaphragms are made of stainless steel; however, a variety of materials from carbon steel to Hastelloy® C-276 are available to meet the demands of most applications. WIKA diaphragm seals can operate in pressure

Diaphragm Seal & Chemical Seal Operating Principle

The drawing below illustrates the operating principle of a diaphragm seal assembly. A pressure measurementinstrument such as a conventional pressure gauge or electronic pressure transmitter is either mounted directly to the diaphragm seal or attached to the seal by means of a capillary or cooling element. A diaphragm within the diaphragm seal separates the gauge / transmitter from the process medium.

Select a Diaphragm Seal or Chemical Seal

Selection Guidelines When selecting a diaphragm seal assembly, the following details must be taken into consideration to ensure a safe and satisfactory operation. For specific technical assistance regarding temperature effects, volumetric compatibility, etc., contact the Forberg Scientific customer service department or send a completed diaphragm seal specification sheet to the factory for analysis. Process Composition Temperature Pressure Range Pressure Instrument Process Connection

Burkert Decentralised Automation at all Process Level

Intelligent control heads enable complete decentral automation of hygienic production processes, by Chris Hoey In the food and beverage industry, and also in the production of medicines and cosmetics, excellent hygiene in processes and around the plant plays a key role. This is ensured by stringent legislative regulations. Standards such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) for food

Direct Drive Gauges Wika New Direct Drive Process Gauge & Direct Drive Test Gauge

Direct Drive Technology: “Battle Proven” Performance in a Process Gauge The military has used direct drive gauges on aircrafts, tanks and submarines since the 1960s for one simple reason: they are extremely resistant to shock, vibration and pulsation. Direct drive gauges have been known to survive direct missile strikes when placed within the hulls of battleships during military testing. Over

Protect you refrigerated air dryer with proper filtration

Author: David J. Connaughton Blog: Compressed Air the Fourth Utility Refrigerated dryers rely on HCFC (Hydrochlorofluorocarbons) to cool compressed air and therefore lower the dewpoint of the compressed air. In a new system, the cooling is quite efficient and dewpoints of as low as 35F (2C) can be achieved with a refrigerated dryer. Over time, the cooling coils lose their

LED Display & Programmable Solid State Switches Wika PSD-30 Pressure Transmitter

Wika Instrument Corporation (WIKA) is pleased to announce the PSD-30 with integral LED display and programmable solid state switches is now available. The PSD-30 is designed for use as an intelligent "multi-function" pressure transmitter for many industrial control applications. The design and outstanding functionality of the PSD-30 received the IF Product Design Award in 2009. The display, with its .35"

Burkert ‘Close Control Loop’ New Ball Valve, Actuator & Positoner

Burkert UK has expanded its range of products for providing complete process solutions in the food, pharmaceutical, bio-technology, medical and water treatment sectors (et al), with the introduction of a range of 2/2 stainless steel ball valves, available manual or complete with quarter turn single or double acting rotary actuators, and the facility for low cost positioning control via Burkert’s innovative

How to drain liquids at high pressure

Author: David Connaughton Blog: Compressed Air The Fourth Utility Occasionally customers have high pressure compressed air or natural gas lines that need to be filtered to remove oil and water contamination. The problem is, how do you drain out the accumulated liquids? Most automatic drains have a maximum pressure of 150 psig (10 bar), well below the pressure of the

KNF Diaphragm Micropump for Air & Gas

KNF Neuberger’s Type NMP05 diaphragm micropump, designed for sampling air and gases, combines high performance with precision miniature packaging to deliver smooth-running, efficient and reliable operation for a wide range of portable, battery-operated equipment applications. According to the company, the pump: Measures 17mm (width) by 26mm (height) by 31mm (length) and weighs as little as 18 g. Provides an ideal

Pressure Transmitters Applications for Wind Turbines

Pressure Transducer Usage Wind Turbines for Alternative Energy Generation in Energy and Power Generation Author: Wika From: Application Notes Wind Turbines As today’s society looks for forms of alternative energy and ways to distance ourselves from fossil fuels, wind power has emerged as a major player in the alternative energy market. Wind turbines function by converting the kinetic energy of

Active & passive temperature compensation of pressure sensors

Author: Dominik Lorenz Posted: Knowledge How does an active or passive temperature compensation of pressure transmitters actually work? High-quality pressure transmitters, especially those used in precision critical applications, are almost always provided with an individual temperature compensation. But what is actually the difference between an active and a passive temperature compensation of these sensors? Passive temperature compensation: Sections of the

United Electric Controls Pressure & Temperature Plant Safety Solutions

Whether it’s protecting valuable equipment, processes or your loyal employees, creating a safe work environment is a corporate responsibility. Installing safety instrumentation not only protects critical equipment and processes; it also creates a safe work environment for your employees and a healthier environment for us all. UE’s One Series digital pressure and temperature switch comes with complete Failure Modes, Effects

Selecting a Pressure Gauge

When selecting a pressure gauge, it is important to consider the following factors to ensure safety and accuracy: 1. Pressure fluid composition 2. Pressure fluid temperature 3. Ambient conditions 4. Pressure range 5. Conditions affecting wear of the system 6. Method of mounting 7. Required accuracy 1. Pressure fluid composition Since the sensing element of a pressure gauge may be

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