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Ways to Prevent Pressure Gauge Failure

Author: Wika There are many products and services that can prevent pressure gauges from failing. Gauge audits and Best Practice Instrument Reviews are the best first line of defense. These reviews and audits will tell you which instruments are properly functioning and which ones should be replaced. There is a review of the gauges currently installed, gauges installed demonstrating unwanted

Installing the Wrong Pressure Transmitter Can be Dangerous

Author: Wika Application Notes Whether it’s protecting human life, protection of expensive equipment, or meeting installation codes, safety is the number one concern when working in hazardous areas when there is a concentration of flammable gases, vapors or dust. Many pressure transmitter users in petrochemical, chemical, or refineries are unaware of the potential dangers of selecting the wrong pressure transmitter

Safety Critical Protection Systems: Implementing Pressure Sensor Signal Redundancy to Lower Costs

Written By: Jürgen Reiser, Product Manager, Electronic Pressure Measurement, WIKA Alexander Wiegand GmbH & Co. KG, Germany and Martin Armson, Director of Electronic Pressure Measurement, WIKA Instrument Corporation, USA In today’s world, safe working conditions are increasingly mandated by legislation and voluntary codes of practice. Automated load monitoring systems using pressure transmitters are becoming instrumental in creating safe working environments.

Differential Pressure: A Difference You Can See

From:WIKA Differential pressure gauges are often found in industrial process systems and yet, they are easily overlooked or misunderstood. In fact, a differential pressure gauge can often times provide multiple solutions to everyday problems. Differential pressure (DP or ∆p) is the difference between two applied pressures. For example, the pressure at point “A” equals 100psi and the pressure at point

Why Specify Snap Track Cable Tray

Snap Track has been designed to provide the ease of installation and the economy of wire basket tray while retaining the stability and inherently superior cable protection of traditional raceway. Our philosophy is simple – the purpose of a cable tray system is to support and “Protect the Cable”. Snap Track was developed in response to repeated requests for a

GPI Flow Meter LCD Display Explained

Posted in: Industrial Flow Meter Articles: Liquid Flow Meters by GPI on 7/8/2010 If you are familiar with our GPI flow meter brand you probably know or have experience with our electronic digital flow meter display. We believe that our flow meter display is one of the better ones out on the market today. In this post we will explore

Eliminate Frustrations When Selecting Process Gauges

From: Wika Application Notes Pressure gauges often leave maintenance professionals asking a number of questions: Will the pressure gauge be durable enough to withstand my extreme operating environments?  Do I liquid fill the pressure gauge or should I leave it dry?  How long will the pressure gauge last?  Can I be assured that the pressure gauge will give me accurate

Why a compressor room needs to stay cool!

Author: David J. Connaughton Blog: Compressed Air the Fourth Utility Compressors are often put into small rooms to reduce noise. Unfortunately, putting a compressor inside a small room creates problems. One of these problems is heat. Compressors create a lot of heat from the compression of the air. This heat is usually expelled into the room via a fan cooled


News Release from: Burkert Fluid control Systems Bürkert Fluid Control Systems has expanded its ELEMENT modular stainless steel range of products for total solutions in process measurement and control, with new Type 8026, 8036 and 8076 digital flow transmitters. The new transmitters are robust (IP65/67 wash down resistant), aesthetic clean line products offering enhanced technical features such as future- proofed

Calibration and Measurement Uncertainty

From: Endress+Hauser Reading values from dials and taking measurement with devices is fairly standard procedure in any process. What we frequently neglect to consider is the fact that what we read does not necessarily match reality  For various reasons, any measure is affected by errors. An experimental measurement can only be correctly interpreted if it is associated with an estimate

Turck New Rugged, Compact Non-Contact Inductive Sensors Designed for Harsh Environments

Turck Press Release Minneapolis— TURCK announces their Q-track™ family of linear position sensors has been expanded to includet he newest QR14 and the Q17 models. Measuring just 14 mm and 17 mm in height, the compact, non-contact inductive sensors deliver dependable, repeatable measurements in applications with spacing limitations and harsh environments. TURCK’s linear inductive sensor operation is based on the

Dräger X-zone 5000 Confined Space Monitoring Without Limits

Area monitoring without limits – the Dräger X-zone 5000. In combination with the Dräger X-am 5000, the X-zone 5000 reliably monitors for up to six hazardous gases and warns at preset levels.This easily transportable, robust and water-proof unit extends mobile gas detection technology to a unique system with many applications. INNOVATIVE AREA MONITORING The Dräger X-zone 5000 transforms the Dräger

UE ONE SERIES low cost mechanical switch

Forberg Scientific Offers the United Electric ONE SERIES, which has all the reliability of an electronic transmitter, with the ease of use and low cost of a mechanical switch! MAKE THE SMART CHOICE. THE ONE SERIES FROM UE IS: • A reliable, cost-effective solution for upgrading plant instrumentation. • Ideal for applications that demand a switch that never needs calibration,

Instrumentation for Hazardous Environments – Wika Pressure Transmitters

Wika pressure gauges, especially bourdon tube gauges, can be found worldwide in the field of oil and gas production and regeneration offshore as well as onshore. These Wika measuring instruments are manufactured in close co-operation with members of ISO 15156 and NACE committee in accordance with respective latest revision. The bourdon tube and diaphragm pressure gauges have been put to the

GPI Stainless Steel Turbine Liquid Flowmeter: What is it Good For?

Posted in Industrial Flow Meter Articles: Liquid Flow Meters by GPI on October 14, 2009  Edwin Starr’s lyrics in the classic, “War” tell the listener that war is good for “absolutely nothing!” When you talk about flowmeters with your friends, which I am sure all of us do, they probably think the same thing about the topic. Your friends think

A Pressure Transducer that Can Handle Just About Anything

Author: Wika Have you ever had a pressure transducer succumb to high pressure, extreme heat, or cold? Have you had an application fail because a pressure transducer did not live up to its expectation? WIKA offers the R-1 as the latest generation of pressure transducers using thin-film and thick-film ceramic technologies for refrigeration and air conditioning systems. The R-1 pressure

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