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Difference between welded and seamless stainless steel tubing?

What is the difference between welded and seamless stainless steel tubing? Seamless stainless steel tubing is extruded and drawn from a billet.  Welded stainless steel tubing is produced from a strip that is roll formed and welded to produce a tube. Welded stainless steel tubing is generally less expensive than seamless.  However, seamless stainless steel tubing is preferred for most

Repair Broken RTD & Thermocouples

A Modular Temperature Sensor Assembly System for the Instrumentation Maintenance Professional The SENSOR BOX™ is a modular temperature sensor assembly system for the instrumentation maintenance professional. It can be your solution to expediting, high inventory and expensive downtime. One of the challenges in maintaining industrial temperature sensors is the variety. It is difficult for the typical process plant to stock

How to Install 70 Series Go Switch

Topworx GO™ Switch Introduction GO™ Switches operate on the principle of magnetic attraction, reacting to ferrous metal or magnetic targets as they come within the switch's sensing range. Although switches vary in design according to their intended applications, all GO Switches use permanent magnets which, when actuated by the presence of a ferrous or magnetic target, change the state of

Water Monitoring Can Save Lives

Reliable process control is essential to achieve the right “fingerprint” of water. Author: Endress + Hauser Newsroom: Water Monitoring Water is increasingly being considered a valuable product in most countries. Therefore, the acceptance for water wastage is continuously decreasing and the need to control the water quality is rising. This requires better and more reliable control of our drinking water.

WIKA S-20 Pressure Transmitter it is Versatile & Robust

WIKA Instrument, LP (WIKA) now offers the S-20 pressure transmitter, which is designed for  a wide range of applications and demanding measurement requirements.   WIKA Instrument, LP (WIKA) now offers the S-20 pressure transmitter, which is designed for a wide range of applications and demanding measurement requirements. The pressure transmitter provides continuous measuring ranges between 0 ... 10 and 0

Parker Veriflo ChangeOver System

ChangeOver System Continuous Gas Management Customer Value Proposition: The ChangeOver System is a compact turnkey module that assists the operator with their total gas management. The COSE maintains a continuous gas delivery from two separate sources allowing for maximum cylinder gas usage from one source before automatically switching to the second source. The COSE lowers speciality gas costs by maximizing

Topworx Go Switch Submersible Switch

Emerson Process Managements GO™ Switch Submersible Solutions. All TopWorx Go Switch models offer higher reliability with increase safety and lower installation cost. Subsea GO™ Switches are used in ocean, lakes, rivers and waste water facilities.  Provide a reliable seal against water intrusion. Superior protection against water containing heavy sediments and salt content. Wet-pluggable connectors allow for easy installation. Submersible GO

DSO Valve Stems | Choosing The Right Brand Makes A Difference

Not all valve stems are the same, a commodity that can be chosen on price alone. Nothing could be further from the truth. Product failures not only cost money but most importantly valuable production time. DSO™ makes long lasting, quality products that will save both time and money in the long run. Below are some of the key POD's that

Heat Trace Cable Approved for Branch Sprinkler Systems Nelson LT and CLT Cable

Appleton Group proudly announces that Nelson’s LT and CLT self-regulating heating cables now have CSA and CSA-US approval for use on mains and branch sprinkler systems in both the United States and Canada. In addition, these heating cables now meet  IEEE 515.1-2012, and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 130-03 standards.  And when installed according to instructions will meet the requirements of the

Parker Autoclave 1-1/2″ Fittings & Tubing – Up to 15,000 psi

High Flow and High Pressure don’t always mix… If you’ve ever worked with high pressure fluids you know that with high pressure thick-walled tubing, the increased wall thickness takes away flow area (tubing maintains the O.D.). So when flow is critical to your process as with Nitrogen Injection, it isn’t unusual to see dual (or even triple) tubing runs to

When Should You Use Diaphragm Seals?

By: Instrument Guru, December 2, 2014   Pressure gauges are often used in extreme conditions in industrial processes, and some gauges are specifically designed for use in these difficult process environments. These tough process gauges typically include features such as hardened housings, liquid-filled casings, and a stress-reducing Bourdon tube design, and they are often equipped with a diaphragm seal to

FLOMEC® 02 Scaled Pulse Meter Economy Series Flowmeter

07/29/2015 -- Great Plains Industries, Inc. (GPI) is excited to announce that its new FLOMEC® 02 Scaled Pulse Meter is now available for immediate shipment. The specification sheet and owner's manual are available at below. "GPI is adding a scaled pulse output option to its Economy Series flowmeter line based on market needs and GPI's culture of innovation," says Kevin

How do pressure gauges fit into my reliability initiatives?

Author: Instrument Guru Published: WIKA Blog Knowledge In my interactions with safety and compliance officers from large petroleum companies, these themes always seem to be a part of the conversation: I need to increase reliability…and by the way, I also want to lower costs—all without putting safety at risk. From there, they jump to the next logical question for an

UE One Series Sensors: Durable, Reliable & Versatile

United Electric Controls' One Series electronic pressure switches & temperature switches. United Electric Controls (UE) is renowned for high-quality workmanship and product design, and the One Series carries this nearly 80-year traditon well beyond electromechanical swithes. UE's One Series line of digital electronic pressure switches and digital electronic temperature switches sets new standards for quality, reliability and versatility. Designed to

Forberg Scientific introduces newly expanded Technical Support section

Forberg Scientific recently announced the expansion of its technical support section of its website ( ). The technical support section has a variety of resources available including:   Tube Fitting Installation Instructions   Tubing Selection Instructions   Fluid and Gas Material Compatibility Information   Pressure Unit Conversion Table   How to Select a Pressure Gauge   Pressure Gauge Installation

Wika M93X.3A Mechanical Sanitary Pressure Gauge

Would you like to learn about the Wika M93X.3A Mechanical Sanitary Pressure Gauges and the markets it is designed for. It meets the stringent requirement standards of the pharmaceutical and biothec industries and is in full compliance with 3A and FDA approvals. Designed for the food, beverage and cosmetic markers the M93X.3A is supplied with material and calibration reports with

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