AI-Tek Side Look Sensor Used for Speed Take Off

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AI-Tek Side Look Sensor Used for Speed Take Off

Aitek Instruments, LLC LogoThe Side Look Sensor (SLS) has been developed by AI-Tek Instruments for Allison automatic transmissions for trucks ranging from light duty vans to over the road tractors. It is available for Allison AT, MT and HT transmissions. The new Side Look Sensor improves on earlier designs developed for Allison to replace a mechanical speed system.aitek 70082 Side Look Sensor

The Side Look Sensor is a variable reluctance device that provides electronic transmission speed inputs to engine control systems and/or electronic dashboards. It mounts directly on the transmission and employs a unique magnet configuration that induces a magnetic field on the side of the sensor in the path of the rotating transmission gear. This system with its fewer mounting parts improves reliability, reduces weight and conserves space over the earlier designs.

The new Side Look Sensors uses a molded, glass filled nylon body to protect the sensor in harsh, truck-operating environments. It replaces the old fly-lead design with an integral standard Packard connector, which eliminates the added extra connector cost of the old design. It is available in single and dual output versions.

The Side Look Sensor is manufactured in the United States. AI-Tek Instruments Distributors stock the Side Look Sensor for off-the-shelf maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) requirements.

Single Coil:

Aitek 70085-1010-021 side look sensor
P/N: 70082-1000-021

Aitek 70085-1010-023 side look sensor
P/N: 70082-1000-023

Dual Coil:

Aitek 70085-1010-022 side look sensor
P/N: 70082-1000-022

Aitek 70085-1010-024 side look sensor
P/N: 70082-1000-024

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